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Re: derivations in Aelya (long)

From:jesse stephen bangs <jaspax@...>
Date:Sunday, March 25, 2001, 20:26
Aidan Grey sikayal:

> Static should result in -e (I know that's the right > ending) but I can't figure out how it would have > developed and remained. Loss of final vowels is > common, and I'm trying to avoid conflict with the > passive case in the personal pronouns. > [snip] > > So how can I derive something that will provide me > with -e on most nouns, but that won't clash with all > the rest of my personal pronoun declensions? Or should > I just let them clash? Would the clash be likely to > cause a totally new form to arise, leaving the -e > everywhere else, but a totally new form in the > personal poronouns? Still, how would the -e begin for > common nouns?
I would suggest forming some ending that will yeild final -e but that was originally quite different. (Gee, that's brilliant.) For example, let's say that the original was something like -E3E, which reduced -E3E > eje > ej > e. I don't know if this would actually work since I don't know your sound changes, but I'm sure some equivalent process is possible. Jesse S. Bangs "It is of the new things that men tire--of fashions and proposals and improvements and change. It is the old things that startle and intoxicate. It is the old things that are young." -G.K. Chesterton _The Napoleon of Notting Hill_ Conlanger code: CLI> l%p+++ cS:R:N:H a++ y n18d:6 X+++ A-- E-- L-- N2.5 Idmp k++ ia-- p+ m++ o+++ P d++ b++ Yivríndil