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Re: Natlang Question: "Quiet" in Czech?

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Monday, January 6, 2003, 22:34
From: "tim talpas" <tim@...>
Subject: Re: Natlang Question: "Quiet" in Czech?

> # > # My maternal grandmother immigrated to the USA from Czechoslovakia > # sometime soon after WWI, and she was very young at the time. According > # to my mother, my grandmother only remembered one word in Czech, meaning > # "quiet". When my mother pronounced it for me, it sounded like [tSIxO], > # with palatized [tS] and [x] and with what sounded like schwa offglides
> # the [I] and the [O]. > # I'm sure at least someone here speaks Czech or knows something about > # it... does that word sound like Czech? If yes, how is it supposed to be > # pronounced and spelled? If not, do you know what else could it be? > # > > Was it certainly czech, or could it have been slovak? > > The word in both languages is spelled "ticho". > > In slovak it would (should? ) be pronounced [cixo], and probably > the same in czech, though czech tends to not palatalize some things > that are definitely palatalized in slovak. > > Palatal stops tend to get misprounced and misheard as affricates, I find. > > My grandparents speak russian, but now that they're older and hardly use > the language any more, they tend to mispronuce things in a similar manner. > > ie. for ru. "spat'", they say [spaS] (or maybe this is a dialectical > pronunciation?)
In standard Slovak, spat' is pronounced [spatj], but in my family's dialect (eastern, as far as I can tell), it's [spats]. Every palatalized t (t') is pronounced like c [ts] in this dialect.