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pair conlanging, dyadic language

From:Brett Williams <mungojelly@...>
Date:Sunday, March 1, 2009, 1:11
OK so I've been riding the brakes with qww'xzx more than any
collective conlang project I've done before, which incidentally means
that it's going slow enough any of you can still easily hop aboard if
you like, but does leave me with a bit of my own collective conlanging
itch.  I thought I'd scratch it with another card drawn from the deck
in my mind labelled "So Simple It Just Might Work" or "So Obvious That
We Really Ought To Try It".

The idea this time: A language constructed by a pair of people, a team
of two.  I've seen enough collective projects hijacked by pairs of
people to feel sure that it's doable! :)  Anyone know any other,
perhaps more intentional, precedents?  I know that Alex and Sai have
made at least their gripping phonology, so far.  My husband and I have
an extensive shared jargon we blend into English.  And there's the
long history of twins' glossolalia.  But I don't yet know a single
example of an intentional detailed conlang constructed by a dyad.  I'd
be interested to hear of any -- I'm sure there have been at least a
few secret ones. :)

I have no particular agenda whatsoever in this project, so I'd be
happy to pair up with the first person to respond to this post.  If
there are more people than that who are equally agendaless, I suppose
the 2nd and 3rd could pair and then the 4th and 5th and so forth.  Or
perhaps you might be pickier than I am, and request a partner who fits
your conlanging philosophy.  Personally at the moment I'm up for any
sort of language; if you have a style you like I'll gladly
accommodate.  I'm just curious to try a new way of working together
and see what it's like-- I hope perhaps we can keep up some of the
pace of a solo project, while also staying a little bit grounded in
actual interpersonal communication. :)

mungojelly -l
la stela selckiku


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