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Loanword from Arabic (was: sample text in Jelbazech)

From:Tom Pullman <tom@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 29, 2001, 22:00
--- Dan Jones <feuchard@...>
> wrote: >
[snip nice Jelbazech text]
>Points of interest:
>"amalgamatz" /amalkam'ats/ is from Arabic "amal al-gama'a".
I've looked for the roots 'ml, `ml, gm' and gm` in my Hebrew dictionary (presuming they won't be much different from the Arabic roots) and all I can see that the Arabic phrase might mean is "Work of the weak" or "Work of the drink". What should it be? == Tom Pullman "Dochuala as borb nad légha." _____________________________________________________________ Visit to get a Web site with a personalized domain and Web-based email