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Re: Twisted Worldview Co[n]langs

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 9, 2003, 9:59
Staving Estel Telcontar:

>Well, I had an idea, which never got beyond the "that's neat, what if a >language did that" stage, which treated the speaker as the centre of >the universe, so that instead of walking towards something, you would >say that you walked it towards you - the worldview being that your >motion of legs and feet etc. is moving the earth backwards under you, >while you stay in the same place. I'm not sure how such a language >would deal with other people's motion - if you're the centre of the >universe, everyone else must be walking around - but when they speak, >they speak as if they're the centre of the universe, and you're walking >around. Would there be different verbs for one's own motion and >others' motion? since they're obviously quite different in nature - >you're moving everything, while they're just moving themselves. > >Estel
Possibly one has to use a causative voice to describe one's own motion. Over time the language might evolve so that the first person form of any verb was derived from the causative voice. A good name for such a language would be [ajnStain]. Pete