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Random |mormon| :-)

From:Sarah Marie Parker-Allen <lloannna@...>
Date:Sunday, January 26, 2003, 10:21
Sure I do.  That's half the fun of it.

And... I'm sorry.  Perhaps this will be the impetus for you to create
another conlang.  ^___^

(yes, I am replying to two different messages... without changes in subject
headers, I often miss posts directed to me, as I have over a thousand unread
conlang messages...)

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen

"There are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse, even
though the end may be dark."
-- J.R.R. Tolkien

> -----Original Message----- > Behalf Of Andreas Johansson > > > >You do realize, don't you, that just by saying that you're begging > >someone to put the word "mormon" into their conlang as something > >completely random? Like 'carrot' or 'jumping jacks'? :-) > > Hm, (un-)happily, /mormon/ violates the phonotactics of all the > conlangs of > mine that have had any serious work on them - Tairezazh can't > have non-final > /m/, Steienzh can't have /o/ in a non-initial syllable, Altaii can't have > the sequence /-rm-/, Kalini Sapak, Tersnuvu and Yargish don't > even have /o/. > > Andreas
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