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CHAT: Essentialist Explanation

From:Howlsedhes Services <kam@...>
Date:Thursday, July 4, 2002, 20:55
> Gáibhtheacháin
Wouldn't <bhth> come out as [f] ?? Incidentally, as another Keith I've often puzzeled over the origin of that name. It's supposed to be quite recent as a personal name, from the Scots place name (perhaps via a surname, the Scots seem quite willing to use surnames as first names). The Keith in place names (Keith, Dalkeith etc) is supposed to mean "wood" so it looks like a Gaelic equivalent of W. coed B. koad < keitos. This would give in Gaelic spelling *ceith or *ciath (or possibly *cao(i)th < *kaitos). However I've never found anything like this in the standard Scots and Irish dictionaries. Could be Pictish of course which would mean that P. lenited /t/ > /T/ like Gaelic not /t/ > /d/ like British. So if you take proto-Welsh and apply Irish lenition ... Keith Mylchreest PS Be warned, Conlangers appear to be persona non grata on certain UCD hosted lists. See recent posts to the Yahoo Celticonlang list. 'Si Marion Gunn bean gun na:ire, ceart gu leo:ir!