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Re: YACL: Thylean (alternate-history)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 0:31
Lars Henrik Mathiesen wrote:
>> You could also go all the way. In Danish, many occurences of syllable final >> [j] are surface forms of /g/ after front vowels. Similarly, many occurences >> of syllable-final [w] are surface forms of /g/ after back vowels. If you go >> back a few generations, these /g/'s were all /G/ in syllable-final position. >> Dialects even differ in pronounciations because of differing vowels, e.g.: >> >> UNDERLYING EASTERN WESTERN GLOSS >> /dag/ [dEj] [dAw] "day" >> /lag/ [lEj] [lAw] "layer" >> /fag/ [fEj] [fAw] "subject, field, trade" > >Unless you're a very conservative speaker from the northern suburbs of >Copenhagen, the second column is more like [d{?] and so on.
Yup, I purposely chose the conservative variants and left out the stød for demonstrative purposes. -kristian- 8)