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"The Miller's Sons" in Tsayah

From:Aloyen Youngblood <aloyen@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 29, 2003, 19:01
My first attempt at such a translation.  Tsayah is a work in progress.
This was difficult and I'm sure there are still some errors and problems
to be ironed out.

>English version: >Long ago, in a quiet village in France, there lived a miller. That miller >had three sons and two daughters. The oldest son wanted to become a knight >one day, but his father had no money to buy a horse. The middle son wanted >to become a monk, but the nearest monastery had no room for him. The >youngest son didn't know what he wanted to do. We don't know what the >daughters wanted, because stories in those days didn't talk about such >things.
lex mehltah sudahmufahlax totixo. lexgo fahlax Frahnz. porehn mehltah kuopuxoxulo le puomexoxulo toxo. dofehldah piyuopuxoxulo jeluxitah taxo. dajr puxopotah xehlwr jo rahp. dofehldah pipuopuxoxulo jelujeh dahtahre taxo. rahlutah dahtahreyazge loz. dowoldah pikuopuxoxulo fehldah. jetahfejr mexoxulonah fehldah. lehnzfejr sajewonah mexoxulonah toxo. live miller village-quiet far-past lex mehltah sudahmufahlax totixo. live-in villiage France lexgo fahlax Frahnz. birth miller three-male-child and two-female-child past porehn mehltah kuopuxoxulo le puomexoxulo toxo. to be-hope male-child-first knight future dofehldah piyuopuxoxulo jeluxitah taxo. has-not parent-male cash or horse dajr puxopotah xehlwr jo rahp. to be-hope child-male-second religion-honor-follower future dofehldah pipuopuxoxulo jelujeh dahtahre taxo. denied-possible religion-home-near space rahlutah dahtahreyazge loz. to be-unsure child-male-third hope dowoldah pikuopuxoxulo fehldah. know-not we child-female-plural hope jetahfejr mexoxulonah fehldah. talk-not tale-plural child-female-plural past lehnzfejr sajewonah mexoxulonah toxo. Pronunciation, etc. are available on --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: 6.0.476 / Virus Database: 273 - Release Date: 4/24/2003