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Re: Hi everyone! I'm able to post at last!

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Friday, May 26, 2000, 14:07
Welcome to the list once again Andre!

Andre Militante wrote:
>unrounded,that's why Yat draws heavily from the >Austro-Asiatic language family, Japanese, Thai and the >Austronesian family. And Yat sounds a little Japanese >too, with a little Thai and Cambodian and Ilocano and >Itawes...
Sounds like we have had similar inspirations for the phonology of our languages. The vowel system for Boreanesian is inspired by Ilocano, and is very likely similar to Itawes since Ilocano and Itawes are related, no? Minor and major syllables in Boreanesian is inspired by the Austro-Asiatic languages. The phonotactic and moraic structure of Boreanesian is inspired by Japanese. But my phonological inspiration is not just limited to Asia. The prosodical feature of slack vs stiff voicing was originally inspired by Danish stoed, though the way it exists in Boreanesian parallels the Austro-Asiatic languages much better. AFAIK, one truly non-Asian inspiration that I have had is nasal harmony, which is inspired by the nasal harmony from Amazonian languages. -kristian- 8)