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Seba wevejo: I'm Back

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Monday, December 29, 2003, 6:43
After various unpleasant experiences I will spare you all, I am now back on
the conlang list at a new address.At the moment I am on Christmas break
from my new job (teaching English at California Baptist University) so I
finally have time for conlanging for the first time since I left Aug.28.
I have used the vacation to work on my Master Dictionary project, which,
when completed, will be a data base containing all the words in all my
conlangs (including several minor ones I have never discussed on this list)
plus English equivalents. I had begun this a long time ago,but lacked time
to make much progress.  This holiday I have succeeded in entering all the
current vocabulary for Rihana-ye,my principal active conlang, and portions
of vocabulary for several minor languages.I hope by the end of vacation
next week I will have all the minor languages done.  That will leave Natece
atechana, which, though officially "dead," is still my second language in
terms of wordcount, and Meridonian, for which I never compiled a
dictionary, though it is third in number of texts after Rihana-ye and
Natece. Those will take longer, especially Meridonian,but even so I hope
the project will be close to completion by next week with luck. I have over
1000 entries already. I also hope to catch up with Wright's Vocabulary
exercises and possibly other discussion I missed,if time permits.
Meanwhile I wish you all Merry Christmas or appropriate equivalents (in
Rihana they are celebrating the second day of the Feast of the Five Senses).
John Leland