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Date:Friday, May 14, 1999, 12:30
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 13/05/99 20:45:09  , Dan a =E9crit :

<<  For example, question one: "Do you tend to choose..."  Hey, I could
 see myself doing both choices: >>

Same to me, especially for "I" and "E" criteria. I'm both observant and=20
introspective. I had a very funny experience about that : I had a=20
"personality" training when joining a firm. One exercise was to walk around=20
and be "observant" and "introspective" alternately and other trainees would=20
try and guess whether you are "outside" or "inside". All of them thought I=20
was continuously "outside" (i.e. "observant") when I was actually both=20
"introspective" (i.e., mostly conlanging, as I did not tell them;-) and=20
"observant" (I can still vividly remember a pair of nice trainees). I told=20
that to the training tutor an she just told me : "this is not possible, you=20
MUST be either "outside" OR "inside", otherwise you have problems". My only=20
"problem" looking continuously "outside" is that I can't walk 1 minute in th=
streets of sunny Paris without being asked the way to go there and whether I=20
have a few bucks man, and "beeru za Shaneru shoppu izu", etc. And I enjoy it=
Me outside : "Chanel shop ? Follow me : I'll show you. Beeru aru yuu furomu=20
?"; and inside : "(to go to and from : is that a bound pair of verbs ? Why d=
Jap girls have curved legs already ?)".=20
I dare suggest that Didier and Christophe (the two other conlangers I meet=20
sometimes) are like that too : they are very observant of what happens aroun=
them and at the same time they can "process" it into their own conceptions :=20
I could record a video of Christophe conlanging while watching TV, and Didie=
explained to me he was conlanging "efficiently" only when he had a lot work=20
to do at the same time. =20