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Re: Worthwhile Engelang Goal

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 17:17
David Peterson wrote:
> By the way, I've looked over everyone's posts regarding sound > symbolism with interest. Keep them coming! >
Kash has a certain amount. I haven't replied earlier because some seemed a little obvious, plus I forgot about some others :-( /-i/ (sometimes with preceding /t, k/ > /tS/) often connotes smallness/affection (what else is new dept.) /kr-/, when it's from the pejorative prefix, connotes-- yes-- bad/unpleasant things. /-p/ often occurs on words referring to dumb, ridiculous or yucky things. a series of words based on roots /-y-N/ or /-y-p/ denoting different kinds of chatter/gossip/whining/wheedling etc. and... a series of words /ñ-m/ñ-N/ with a/u denoting various humming/droning/buzzing sounds quite a few onomatopoetic or "imitative" /CVC/ forms for various sounds (bells/gongs/drums, hammering, thunder/lightning etc.) and accidental actions (bouncing, falling, slipping etc., many end in -p) which can also be redup. or prefixed to form the appropriate verb. (if you search the dictionary for _onomat._ and _imit._ they'll turn up)