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CHAT: Re : Re: CHAT: Opperlands

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Date:Wednesday, May 12, 1999, 18:07
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 12/05/99 18:34:20  , John a =E9crit :

<< I'm just guessing here, but I assumed the morphological breakdown to be
 "hotten-totten-ten tent-en toon-stelling".  I admit I don't see
 what the "t" after "totten" is doing there, unless it is
 for euphony. >>

Dear John,

A few things I've experienced with Dutch people (I had a Dutch friend for=20
many, many years) :

(i) They are amused when you try to learn their language,
(ii) they are really p*ssed off when you try to speak it,
(iii) they are delighted when you miss a step with it,
(iv) they are truely fascinating people.

Mind the step ;-)


Nota : this is a JOKE (smile !)=20