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"Ideographic" writing systems for the Millions

From:Patrick Dunn <pdunn@...>
Date:Sunday, August 8, 2004, 5:13
(Yo, hi, I'm Patrick, I come, I go, I crumble under stress, I write books,
I come back, I start dissertation, I delete lots of messages, I lurk, I post)

Has anyone made a serious effort to create a writing system like Chinese
or Hieroglyphs for one of their conlangs?  I have toyed it with, on and off,
but the major problem is bookkeeping, of course.  Any technical solutions to
that problem?

I point out that the Dongba script of the Naxi language occasionally makes my
beard (right handed, but gay) stand upright in delight.

I also rather dig some of the native American mnemonic picture-writing, which,
although not technically a means of representing language verbatim, is none-the-less
beautiful and interesting.  Sadly, can't find an example online.

Also, I have a penchant for very analytic languages, like Indonesian, which aren't
popular it seems among conlangers in general -- which may be another reason
other than the practical why logographic writing systems also aren't popular.  Still --
are there any synthetic natlangs that use a logographic writing system?  (well,
with the exception of course of ancient Egyptian, which was about as analytic
as Hebrew, I believe)  It almost seems that logographic and analytic go together
well -- I'm not sure why.


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