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my conlang: anyone interested?

From:Robert Jung <robertmjung@...>
Date:Saturday, November 29, 2003, 21:27
Would anyone out there like to look at and/or critique my conlang?? It's nearly
complete (grammar-wise) and by the time someone responds it'll prob'ly be
finished, and then I'll put it up here on Conlang. As soon as I got a wanted
message for it.

BTW, this is a valuable opportunity to see into the linguistically-oriented mind of
an unusual 13-year-old conlanger (helped along by Mark Rosenfelder, Pablo David
Flores, Rick Morneau [even though he's interested in machine translation - his
essay "Lexical Semantics",
was used a great deal for my conlang's grammar], and others)! (Linguistics is
what I will - hopefully - take in university or college. Can't wait - what we
learn in school is not enough - quantitatively or qualitatively - and they
don't teach it properly and we hardly learn anything [I live in Canada]... The
teacher who teaches me English doesn't even know what an infix or a
pidgin/creole are. I don't blame her, though - she never learned it
unfortunately. They should at least teach us that kind of thing!!!)

... Sorry, I had to say all that. :)

Thank you.



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