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Re: Multicode

From:Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>
Date:Saturday, May 8, 2004, 3:14
Andreas Johansson wrote:
> This gave me the skeleton of a conculturing idea: In some holy, or otherwise > unquestionably authoritative, text it is stated that, say, 300 languages are > spoken in the world. > > Centuries later, the bearers of the culture in question have developed a global > reach, and run into a thousand or more speech varieties that they'd normally > consider separate languages, but, because the authority of that text, they can't > accept the implication, and instead lump more and more different 'dialects' as > the same 'language' the farther away the speakers live, all the way to the > antipodes, where completely unrelated languages are considered "the same" to > squeeze under that limit of 300. Each time some trader or missionary runs into a > new language, he must classify it as a dialect of one of the 300 accepted languages.
Hmm ... interesting idea. :-) Of course, one would suppose that the number 300 would be reached pretty soon, even before they discover an immense new continent. :-) Thus, perhaps they'd analyze the various languages of that continent as "dialects" of languages on their home continent, and construct elaborate theories to explain how the speakers of those home-continent languages arrived on the new continent. :-)
> I do not have any intention ATM of actually using this idea, but I thought > someone might like it, if not for incorporation in a coniverse, perhaps simply > as an amusing anecdote.
It's certainly a good idea. I just may have to steal it for my conculture. Or a variation, like some text referring to the "144 false faiths", causing vastly different religions to be called "sects" of various "false faiths"