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Re: CHAT: British Israelitism

From:alypius <krazyal@...>
Date:Monday, September 20, 1999, 23:33
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From: Ed Heil <edheil@...>

>Alas, "British Israelitism" tends to be the pastime of relatively >harmless crackpots in the UK I understand (correct me if I'm wrong, >but I get the idea that it's on the level of the "Flat Earth >Society"); but its theories have been taken up in the US by violent, >militant racist freaks, under the banner of the "Christian Identity >Movement," a denomination whose ministers fill the ranks of the >gun-toting white-supremacist nutcase militias which occasionally rear >their heads on the American landscape. >
America has always been a sects-crazed :-) land, and there are several sects (though I'm not keeping count) of varying longevity that adhere to this theory, but most of them very small, I think. As for militias, most of them are egalitarian or libertarian, not often white supremacist. (I have also heard this opinion expressed by a white separatist, but I don't think he was a white supremacist.) The real nuts rarely belong to militias; they lack discipline. Besides, would you want to be in a militia if your comrades-in-arms were nuts? In the part of America where I grew up, I don't think we had any militias, but everyone was a "gun-toter," or at least all the males. I received my first shotgun as a Christmas present, two months after my ninth birthday. Shooting and hunting is a great hobby that allows boys and young men (and old timers!) to channel their aggressive instincts in harmless ways, and maybe even put a little extra meat on the table. (It also keeps the crime rate down.) At least, that was my experience. I pity these children who grow up entirely within cities and suburbs. They don't know what they're missing. ~alypius