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Re: Piat (was: Another NatLang i like)

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Date:Thursday, July 15, 1999, 18:40
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 15/07/99 18:42:44  ,  John a =E9crit :

> When the orthography of Dutch was being nailed down, it was found that > the Dutch in the Netherlands preferred the spelling > "cultuur", to avoid being too German, whereas their neighbors in > Belgium preferred "kultuur", to avoid being too French. > =20
no way. dutch prefer cultuur to look french and flamish prefer kultuur to look german. some more herrrring ? btw, do you know that belgian joke about dutch : Q : what are the first lines of any dutch cooking receipe ? A : lend your neighbour an egg. sorry for that stupid one but tayalat grammar is finished. so i get bored. 'should make the voc by now. mathias