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Colas (was Phoneme winnowing continues)

From:Stone Gordonssen <stonegordonssen@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 10, 2003, 3:01
>In the Southeastern US, it goes even further than that; "Coke" is >used generically for any soft drink, even non-colas. ("What kind of >Coke would you like?" "Sprite.") Some would say that it extends even to >iced tea, but that's hyperbole. :)
I myself have given up trying to find any generic for a dark-coloured soft drink in the USA. If I say "Coke" they ask "Is Pepsi okay?", if I say "Pepsi" they ask "Is Coke okay?", if I say "any dark Cola" they ask "Is Coke okay?" or "Is Pepsi okay?", and if I say "iced tea" they invariably bring some noxious concoction flavoured with faux essence of raspberry, passion fruit or peach. _________________________________________________________________ Protect your PC - get VirusScan Online


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