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Relative clauses in Orelynna

From:James Worlton <jworlton@...>
Date:Monday, February 2, 2004, 18:13
>>> romilly@EGL.NET 02/02/04 01:48AM >>>
>Similar to Kash (and quite a few natlangs too.....)
That's why I did it that way :))) My problem in understanding how this all worked came from being confused at English allowing the relativizer to function in the relative clause. (This was always the worst part of grammar for me.)
>except that if the
relative marker is functioning as subject of its clause, you omit the person marker-- I see the man who can't see me matikas kaçute re ta me pole tikas I-see man-dat REL not me can see but: I saw a man (whom) I didn't know matikas kaçute re ta ne matimbat ..............REL not him I-know I saw the man whom the woman loves matikas kaçute re kaçuma ne yasisa I-see man-dat REL woman him-dat 3s-love ( ne yasisa kaçuma is OK too.) Cf.:: I saw the man who loves the woman matikas kaçute re sisa kaçumaye Can Orelynna relativize on a Dative or a Genitive? That's the man to whom we sold our house. (Kash literally: ...the man REL we sold our house to him) That's the man whose house we bought. (Literally: ...the man REL we bought his house.) How about "from whom", "with whom"???? These and others work in Kash, but they start to sound funny and would probably be rephrased as independent sentences. ------------------------------------------ At the moment, Orçlynna can relativize on Datives and Genetives as well, but that is because I haven't tried them yet to see if they are acceptable or cause ugly constructions... :) That is work/play for tonight.... As for "from whom" and "with whom" I'll have to see. They are both also grammatical cases in Orçlynna so they may work. I may not allow the relativizing of the Elative case, however, since it seems like it would sound weird. but the Comitative may not pose problems. I'll send an update when I have it... James W.