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Have a nice day, and other things...

From:Mia <tuozin@...>
Date:Thursday, March 2, 2000, 1:11
In ea-luna:

ma rewa ea-rebi.
(imperative enjoy the-day.)
Have a nice day.

That's "day" in a general or 24 hour sense. There is another word
that means "not night".

I discovered while typing the ea-luna dictionary that there are 2
words that mean
"enjoy", so the other (_nali_) now means to enjoy in a sensual
way (the way you enjoy a massage or your favorite dessert) while
_rewa_ means something akin to "like" in a more general sense.
[_nali_ is clearly related to _nalu_, "love". I suspect that
these words came in at the very earliest stages of vocabulary
development, before I changed to a more arbitrary way of
assigning meanings to possible words.]

But ea-diwe wouldn't say that anyway. They'd say "ma nege!" --
"Be happy!" (That's conculturish, though.)

I am thinking about printing a hard copy of the Yufora dictionary
and doing some translations. I haven't been feeling very well, so
I really haven't been up to sitting in front of the computer to
work on typing up the ea-luna dictionary. I see an old 486 laptop
in my future-- something I can carry from room to room for
conlanging purposes. :) It'll never replace pen and paper for
me... but I said that about writing too, and now I do all my
writing on the computer.


Mia (