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illithid phonetics

From:Tim Judge, Erion Telepalda <judget@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 3, 2001, 17:50
I am toying with the idea of a language for use in fantasy stories/roleplay.
It will be spoken by Illithids or Mind Flayers, ot those not familiar with
them (I didn't just think them up) they are humanoid amphibian like
creatures with immense psionic (psychic) powers. They feed by sucking out
the brains of other intelligent creatures. They have a mouth like a
lamprey's which is surrounded by 4 tentacles I presume they have a tongue
and vocal cords. I am trying to come up with a unique set of phonemes for
them considering their peculiar structure. I am considering using the base
of the tentacles to forma full series of labial sounds and having a large
number of vowels.

Salut! (Français)
Orelë! (Bírhrhalin [my own language])
Namárië! (Quenya)
Farewell! (English)
Qa'pla'! (tlhingHol)

Tim Judge
Erion Telepalda

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