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Re: Essentially...

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 8, 2005, 5:30
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From: "Christian Thalmann" <cinga@...>

> --- In, Sally Caves <scaves@F...> wrote: > >> Even more correct: >> >> "It is essential, that You the german Syntax and Punctuation right get >> must." > > Accawding to ze noo Orsographyrules, ze "du" need no longer be > kepitalized, not even in letters.
Not even in letters? Landsakes, but what else do you kepitalize with... 'less you meant die Briefe. Besides, that was "Sie", thou fun-sucking native pedant! :) Which is what I use in formal type letters to formal type folks in formal Germany. (Also, this fen-sucking foreign pedant strives for a more old-timer type orthography that made a useful visual difference in a pronoun already overburdened by meaning, as Twain put it. And it's funny. ;)) Ze Cherman Netionelity not to
> kepitalize, on za uzzer Hend, is a kepital Crime.
Not if it be an ADJECTIVE, thou clammering pedantical kepitalist Native! :) Besides, that's funny too, in English... especially to us old fogey Merkan students of German. I vill now
> proceed to edminister punishment to you in ze fawm of kicking you > viz ze Boot. <(:oP
Just TRY, you muck-raking modernistical inkhornist!! :) :) :) Think I cain't kick back? That is, in the sense of kick back and enjoy myself. ;)
>> > I love German. Eine schoene sprache, nicht? >> >> Essentially. And capitalize that noun. :) > > Look who's tawking. :)
Ruhe bitte! Lets not make lemons out of lemonade. It's a great essentialism! And ain't y'all just so high-larious! ;) Sal


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