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Re: Tzeltal's got only one preposition?!

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Sunday, April 11, 2004, 19:02
From: "ROGER MILLS" <rfmilly@...>
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2004 2:11 AM
Subject: Re: Tzeltal's got only one preposition?!

> For some reason I get a "page not found" there, but anyway,[...]
The one who saved that file on their server seemingly did not know that one should avoid spacebars in filenames when publishing a file on the web... The link is Kay.htm That you got a 404 error is also my fault: I deleted the %20's (escape string for " " in URLs) and replaced them by " "'s, so maybe stupid Outlook Express has deleted them when submitting this file to the server. I don't know, but I'm sorry.
> [...] I'd be > suspicious of any claim that Tagalog (or any other language) has only
> preposition.
I'm too, so I'm asking.
> It's true that "prepositions" as we know them are in rather > short supply in Indonesian/Tagalog and relatives, but there are plenty
> ways around that.
As you and Ph. D. showed us ...
> Tag. also has "prepositions" kay = 'for' (replaces sa with personal
> and "mula" ('beginning') = 'from'---- I confess I don't know Tag. grammar, > but I _was_ familiar with these two from other contexts, which made me
> the "one preposition" claim.
"Kay" was also mentioned ... well, I guess I haven't read close enough again :(
> Keep in mind that even in Engl. and other familiar langs., the class of > prepositions is a mixed bag of unanalyzable unitary forms (in, at, by, up) > plus a bunch of derived/compounded forms whose history is only
> clear to the average speaker-- above? below, beneath, before, after,
> outside, into, out of, on top of, via, per, by means of...
So you really can do with comparably few prepositions, unlike English ... Thank you!
> And Trebor wrote (the source of this thread I think): > > > > Unfortunately I can't answer your question--I'd like to know, though. > > There > > actually is a word for "inside" at least--I overlooked this fact--given
> > the Tzeltal grammar at > > > > (in section 3.2.8). Does anyone know of any other such words?
No, it's a stupid mistake ... what I said what would have been a quote from Trebor was actually a quote from Andreas Johansson, on a message by Trebor *shame* However, this is 100%ly the right quote: From: "Trebor Jung" <treborjung@...> Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 9:19 PM Subject: Re: Cases, again [...]
> > Too ambiguous? Language is ambiguous in general, and Tzeltal is ambiguous
> particular in this respect. It has only one preposition, ta, according to > (beware: a *huge* file!). >
[...] Well, that part of Andreas' answer you can read in the first msg of this thread. -- Carsten --------------------------------------------------