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maybe of interest

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Friday, September 7, 2001, 2:31
good day list !

here are 2 projects i recently found which might be of interest for
language composers at least to overtake some ideas out of it:

the human markup language is a project started with the aim to
"systematize" natural language within a markup language.


to qoute them:
"HumanML is designed to represent human characteristics through XML.
The aim is to enhance the fidelity of human communication.
Examples of human characteristics include emotions, physical descriptors, proxemics,
kinesics, haptics, intentions, and attitude. Applications of HumanML include
agents of various types, AI systems, virtual reality, psychotherapy, online
negotiations, facilitations, dialogue, and conflict resolution systems.

the "Cyc Language" follows a similar "auxiliary" aim as potential
applicatory language.


to qoute them:
"CycL is a formal language whose syntax derives from first-order predicate calculus
(the language of formal logic).
In order to express real-world expertise and even just plain old common sense knowledge,
however, it goes far beyond first order logic. The vocabulary of CycL consists of terms:
semantic constants, non-atomic terms (NATs), variables, numbers, strings, etc.
Terms are combined into meaningful CycL expressions, ultimately forming meaningful
closed CycL sentences (with no free variables.)