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Reinventing NATLANGs

From:Michael Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Friday, July 7, 2006, 18:41
Examples such as Hebrew, a AuxLang, reintroduced as a NatLang
via Conlang methods.

What about languages that are less well known?

I know I am on a list for "FolkSpraach" an attempt by some to
see what English or something like, would have turned out with
out all the French/Latin words..

But what about languages that once existed but now are dead or
in danger of becomming dead.

Exampkle here in Alaska, the Eyak language, related I remember
to the Aleut and Eskimos languages (we use Eskimo here in
Alaska, cause we have more than one form of Eskimo, so please
forgive if your from Canada, where the term is potentially
offensive, we  have our own offensive words for Eskimos here,
but not going into that). Does raise a question, offensive words
in your conlang, or just let them happen, people have a knack
for taking simple words for one thing and turn them into a nasty
word and like.

Eyak is now dead, other than recorded and writtern examples..

How do you reintroduce a former NATLang using various means,
from using conlang techniques to bring the language up to modern
needs/standards (vocabulary), as well as teach people it and
give them reasons to want to speak the language..

Like Ebonics, why would I want to learn it? I have no benefit to
learn it, other than cause of musical interests, or people I
know who are into it, or cause I moved to a place where it is

Some forms of Inupiaq is going away, cause new generation kids
see no reason to learn it, and their parents do not push it, so
the language dies..

Body of literature helps, as seen by Martin Luthers  translating
the Bible into HochDeutsch, and then with Gutebburgs printers
help, spread it around..

Fonts and means to do word processing, webpages and like online
and off? Modern form of what the printing press did for
literature, languages and more.

How popular is Esperanto and like, or should I just keep
speaking English?



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