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Re: vowel scheme for new language

From:taliesin <taliesin@...>
Date:Sunday, May 23, 1999, 18:37
* Kristian Jensen ( [990523 09:56]:
> The most unblanced system I have seen in a natlang comes from > Marshalese from the Marshal islands (Micronesia). It looks like: > > i > @ > V > a > > This is soooo unbalanced, I'm amazed that the Marshalese don't mix > the vowels up in their speech.
/snip/ How 'bout this 'un then? iy } u e A The -interesting- thing with such a system is what one have to do to make non-native words fit. "George" for instance (the way John Cleese would have said it, not "brawdly" :) ). I tend to change [O]'s to [A]'s, for instance. Btw, how -does- those of you with English as L1 pronounce latin/greek words? tal., just done with several term-papers and currently "looking forward" to the exams...