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From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Saturday, June 16, 2001, 20:55
heres my workout for quantum. without numbers yet.
i send this text to the whole list for insight and
comments,critics are appreciated.
i dont offer any phonology yet because i dont want to mix things up,
before the grammar is done perfect. did i said perfect ?
i must be an auxlanger then.. yes you are right and im sorry for that :-)

5 steps     |  quantum exact* | quantum approximated*  | quantum relative* (=quota)
top*        |  utter-many(?)  | ca.  utter-many(?)     | utter-many(?) of (=all)
upper half* |        many(?)  | ca.  many(?)           | many(?)       of (=most)
middle*     |        half(?)  | ca.  half(?)           | half,some(?)  of (=half)
lower half* |         few(?)  | ca.  few(?)            | few(?)        of (=least)
bottom*     |          no(?)  | ca.  no(?)             | none(?)       of (=no)
   +        |                 |                        |
determined* |        some(?)  | ca.  some(?)           | some(?)       of
unspecified |         any(?)  | ca.  any(?)            | any(?)        of

*= there are special universal markers for each step,exactment,aproximation and relation.
   when you leave the markers out its always "unspecified".
   "determined" is another universal marker, its hard to explain..
   it distincts from the abstract word and one instance of the "class".
   the instance is known to the speaker but not necesserily to the listener.
   its similar to the pronoun "this" or "a certain manifestation".
   in this case when someone uses the determination marker, he or she knows
   of the number.
exactment and aproximation is contradictory, so you cant use both markers at once,
but relation is combineable with others.