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Re: Data and Musings...

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Saturday, September 29, 2001, 20:58
As for me, I have:

General Finno-Ugric: 2
   "Introduction to Uralic Linguistics" in Hungarian
   "Proto-Finno-Ugric Antecedents of the Hungarian Phonetic Stock"
Hungarian: 7
Votian: 3 books, many papers
Kreevinsh: 1
Selkup: 1
Tundra Nenets: 1
Vepsian: 1
Livonian: 1
Finnish: 3
Estonian: 2
Udmurt: 1
Mansi: 1
Khanty: 2

Icelandic: 4
Norwegian: 1
Swedish: 1
English: 2
German: 4

General Romance: 1
   "Vocalisation de la consonne L dans les langues romanes"
French: 6
Portuguese: 1
Latin: 3
Romanian: 1

Polish: 2
Slovak: 1
Serbo-Croatian: 3
Sorbian (Lusatian): 2
Old Church Slavonic: 2
Russian: 3

Albanian: 1

Greek (Modern): 1

Turkish: 1
Uzbek: 1
Mongolian: 1

Haida: 1

Mandarin: 2

> (Includes grammars, dictionaries, and literature)
(but not counting non-linguistic materials, eg. novels and such)
> Anyway, ob-conlang: I hadn't thought of it before, but now I'm wondering
what my language-learning choices have to do with my conlanging. (Thanks again to Tom for this seed of contemplation.) There's only one non-IE language on there (Japanese, so as to aid in learning Go); most of my "serious" conlangs beg, borrow and steal liberally from IE languages. (I actually feel sort of guilty about it.) Do most Conlangers borrow freely from the languages they know, or try mightily to separate them?
My languages generally are a posteriori, so naturally I have to know something about its relatives; but, I have worked on a few a priori languages, but these are generally just to test ideas out, and once the idea is tested, the language is thrown out. The words of these "test" langauges come mostly from whatever pops into my head, be it something completely random like "rklt" or something from a natlang I speak, though I avoid using words from my conlangs.


Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>Votian