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TECH: Listen To Me Sing In Rokbeigalmki!

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Monday, January 20, 2003, 15:17
On Sunday 19 January 2003 11:46 pm, Sally Caves wrote:
> Does anybody have a clue what's wrong with my system? (It's the MP3 that > comes automatically with > What download would you suggest I get? How do get a program that will both > record and play MP3 files?
Yes. You have a known problem called "Windows." This is a dangerous virus responsible for a stunning amount of squandered time and loss of hair. Temporary solutions while you prepare to switch to a more stable operating system: For playing mp3s, download a free player like WinAmp ( When asked if you want to make this your default player, select yes. Should you have problems after installing WinAmp, try saving the mp3 to your harddrive first, then playing it through WinAmp. Oh, and I would recommend moving away from Outlook. Something like Eudora ( is free and you won't be using an email app that likes to infect your system with viruses, trojans, and other nasty malware. Plus, you can transfer your saved messages from Outlook to Eudora with no problems. :Peter


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