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OT: Another Matthew? (was: Introduction)

From:M.E.S. <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 5, 2002, 11:24
--- <danielandreasson@...> wrote:

> > Matthew Bladen wrote: > > After a few weeks of lurking, I thought it was > > about time I spoke up.
> Did anyone ever reply to this? In any case, I'd like > to say a great big WELCOME to Matthew.
Yet another Matthew?! Hmm, I recall when I joined the list there was some confusion over who would go by the name Matt - so I opted for Matt33, and now I'm just M.E.S. Anyhow, if I'm not mistaken, Matthew Kerht (pardon if I misspelled the surname) goes by Matt, as does the Matthew who produced Tokana - right? Wow, guess I'll stay as M.E.S. for sake of clarity. :-) M.E.S. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Try FREE Yahoo! Mail - the world's greatest free email!