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Paper v. Electronic media (< [announce] Invented Languages magazine)

Date:Wednesday, May 28, 2008, 0:28
> [] On Behalf Of Nomad of Norad --
David C Hall
> As ebook readers (the actual, hand-held device, rather than the
> program) come down in price and get better (I'm looking forward to
> color models that are supposed to be in the works), more books and
> will be distributed as PDFs. At some point, I aim to distribute
> least some of my own material as PDFs.
I'll agree the handheld devices have a long way to go. I usually just read things sitting at my desk in my home office. I like having the internet handy anyway because reading usually stimulates some type of thought process that leads me to researching the subject more.
> I don't have cats on hand to cut my physical documents to shreds, > though... :D
If it's on a desk, table or other horizontal surface, it will soon find its way onto the floor unless it's nailed down or locked up. That's just what they do. You should see what they do with rolls of paper towels.
> Until that day, though, I still enjoy having some works in hard
> form, particularly since it makes it easier for me to read them in
bed. Insomniacs like me aren't supposed to read in bed.
> > Yes, I too have gone completely digital with the music. It's
nice to
> > have the entire collection in my at work, at home, in my cars,
> > whereever else. Much easier than juggling a couple hundred
> > I, too, have moved all my music to MP3s and stuff, on a Network
> Storage system, and I buy much of my music from and
the like
> these days.
I have my collection duplicated on several devices: Ipod, USB hard drive plugged into a car stereo, media computer in the living room (starting to love MythTV, much better than Windless Media Player), and a Blackberry. The scheme also works well for keeping backups. Likewise I have a large collection of reference materials stored away electronically. Just about every webpage, PDF, or whatever that I think I may refer back to someday has been archived. You never know when those items will go offline. Not a very practical situation if I had to file away every book and magazine that had something interesting in it.