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Rihana:Hetiba-fe-ye Diha-fe 1

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Friday, May 21, 2004, 23:11
Hetiba-fe-ye Diha-fe
Freeman's Fragments

Zubiba Rihana-ye biba-fe-te tibiba
Foxwarrior Coldland's warriors-over commander
ge Pihana-ye baka-fe-te-ye tiba,
and Hotland's people-over-of lord
seba-ye vini nitiba ge Zanoi Pihana
my faithful vassal and West Hotland
Hemanathe-ye tiba ge Hemanathe-ye
Desertedge's lord and Desertedge's
bibasa-ye tibiba, Wibiva-de se
fort's commander, Oldfiercemind-to this
kowivaroha ko. Here veba se hana
charter give. If he this land
vuju tuvaro-vi ge veba-ye
faithfully and skillfully command-will and his
biba-fe-je se hana fufe pebiba-fe-pe
warriors this land all foemen-against
wobo-vi, kere seba veba-de by mydiha
fight-will, so I him-to one ninth
zanoi hana-fe-ye bolaha-fe-ke ko-vi.
west lands' dues-from give-will.
Zubiba-ye tiha-ye fy fizawa-me by-i
Foxwarrior reign-of fourth year-in first
fiyawa-me hy-i zawa-me Hemanathe-ye bibasa-me
month-in sixth day-in Desertedge's fort-in
seba wiwivaro.
I wrote.
Copied 3.20.04

This is placed first in the Hetiha collection,though it is not strictly part
of the Hetiha
sequence.  It is a charter of  the great king Zubiba (whose life is also
extent, but which I have not posted, as it runs some 60 pages) granting the
province of Hemanathe (Desertedge) to Wiviba. Hemanathe is later the scene of the