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Re: arguments

From:Joseph a.k.a Buck <zhosh@...>
Date:Thursday, March 24, 2005, 15:18
> you may compare accusative, dative, and beneficiary to 3 > vectors pointed in 3 directions spaced out of 120 degrees, > when there's only one vector, it goes in that direction and > agrees with, when there are two, it goes exactly between > those and agrees with both, when there are the three in the > same time, the sum is equal to zero
I personally would choose the 120+120+120=0 view were I inventing a language whose speakers perceived life as a fix circle. :-) 120+120+120 can equal 360 also - for a language whose speakers perceive life as a mutable spiral.
> a special function when the verb doesn't agree with nothing.. :-S
> yeah a special poetic function would be interesting but does > a language can really develop *for* poetry and help it? Isn't > the role and goal of poetry to develop *from* the language > and not the reverse? :-)
I believe the role of poetry is to play with language (e.g. the poems of e.e. cummings). Is its effect ever bi-directional? ::shrug:: It was in a minor way for Esperanto.
> And for being intentionally vague, isn't useful only in > poetry and literature? because I don't know why one would > want to be intentionally vague
Hmm, I was thinking of it as something for use by politicians, used-car salesmen, merchants.... maybe even theologians.
> ok yeah I see one: I'd not shoot "Mom, I've broke your car, > goodbye!" but probably "Mom, your car's been broken, > goodbye!", but the passive has probably not been created for > this.. :-P
Hard to say re: creation, but I can remember reading that some linguists theorised this was a major function of the passive in some languages.