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Re: Weekly Vocab #1.2.5 (repost #1)

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Monday, December 4, 2006, 0:25
I'll do this too. Nice way to spend a Sunday evening. Each time I
find a few new words, so thanks.

Unfortunately, I don't have a tiki word in Gaajan. In Urianian it can
mean 'with signs' or 'he/she seized'. There's also a dialect word or

>> 1. answer
Urianian: agun (answer, prediction, result of a calculation), daljun or dalgun (answer, explanation) Gaajan: jiniti
>> Her answer was too short.
U: Sa dalgun i nigde mer. (3s.gen answer was-3s enough short) G: Jinitini pemegi iju. (answer-her short-too it-was)
>> She answered at length.
U: Dalgi dili. (answer-3s.past or preferably: Sa dalgun i deg. (3s.gen answer was-3s long) G: Uroen initi iju. (long-adv answer[v.] she-did)
>> 2. silence
U: dos G: wade (silence, calm)
>> The silence was uncomfortable.
U: Dos i egleg. (quite literal) G: Wade hasj iju. (silence uncomfortable it-was)
>> 3. tune
U: sev (song), melodi (tune, loanword), dingid (tune, v.) G: lya (song), lyra (tune, v.)
>> The tune he played was beautiful.
U: Sev sa igdat i gel. (song 3s.gen play-act.part.gen was-3s beautiful) G: Lya ade iju oralu ijusu. (song beautiful it-was play he-did-rel)
>> He tuned his tuneable instrument.
U: Dingi sa igra dingiz. (tune-3s.past 3s.gen fiddle tunable) - I guess for a general instrument word they would just borrow the Latin. G: Illyrais walujani lyra ja. (able-tune-ish instrument-his tune he- did-to-it)
>> 4. camp
U: kebzig G: jasjum
>> Their camp was nearly invisible.
U: Kebzig isan i liki enagd. (camp was invisible) G: Jasjumui lureisti iju. (camp-their able-see-ish-allat it-was)
>> They camped on the butte.
U: Nisen firu. (camp-3p.past G: Lonilam jasjum isin janje. (hilltop-loc camp make they-did)
>> 5. blood
U: sap (blood, guts, juice), gru (blood) G: usaul
>> Blood is red.
U: Gru e zen. G: Usaul kori ju. (blood red it-is)
>> 6. lend
U: lide G: ipe (help - I don't have a word for lend and maybe I should keep it that way), eme (give, befriend), ikun (give), araug (sacrifice), sarab (hand out, distribute), taug (share), ak (have in common)
>> She lends her time to anyone who asks.
U: Gem sa tusa bildant brigan. (gives 3s.gen ask-act.part.nom) G: Asuweni sos taug ajainje sam junjisu. (day-pl-her all share she- does-to-it-for-them ask they-do-rel) - More idiomatic than 'lend time' I think.
>> 7. equal
U: smalk (identical) G: -gi (equal, same)
>> We get equal pay for our work.
U: Fekant sutna smalk zirfat esan. (get-1p.pres equal work- 1p.gen) G: Gaikugi agatnani sal agai. (pay-same work-our get we-do-to-it-for-it)
>> 8. determination
U: zigerd G: ytsa
>> Her determination was impressive.
U: Sa zigerd i tizan. (3s.gen determination was-3s impress-act.part.nom) G: Ytsani uhais iju. (determination-her striking it-was)
>> 9. anger
U: rimn G: aroa or awa
>> His anger was frightening.
U: Sa rimn i zian. (3s.gen anger was-3s frighten-act.part.nom) G: Awani karabik iju. (anger-his frighten-ing it-was)
>> 10. name
U: nam (public name) G: iska (name, general), katu (personal name), isum (own name), tume (family name)
>> Their names are far too long.
U: Nami isan bili nigde dili sin. ( 3p.gen enough long-pl are-3p) G: Katuwewi eged uroegi junji. (name-pl-their much long-too they-are) - I think 'uroegi' tends to develop into 'uwegi', maybe already at this stage.
> Bonus Vocab from WordNet: > This is randomly selected automatically, so in case it offends you > or you disagree, please either ignore or be inspired to make up > different words and/or phrases: > > - Fifth Avenue, n. > an avenue in Manhattan that separates the east side of > Manhattan from the > west side
Proper names should not be translated perhaps, but anyway in Urianian it would be Aveny Bingid. In Gaajan perhaps Iduis Reni (5-ish path)
> - look out on, v.
U: minzid (align) G: isjura (stand towards), eira or inkuna (lie towards)
> be oriented in a certain direction; "The house looks out on a > tennis > court";
U: Tam minzuz merna tennisja. (house align-pass.3s.pres G: Ejeke tennisin juwu isjura a. (house-erg tennis-gen playground stand-towards it-does-to-it) - I think Gaajan should set up many more compound verbs like this.
> "The apartment overlooks the Hudson"
U: Girtum minzuz Hudsona. (apartment align-pass.3s.pres G: Kunjake Hudson eira a. (room-erg Hudson lie-towards it-does-to-it) Minzid is a powerful world which can give various meanings combined with different cases. Thanks, that was good. And it's now 1 o'clock. (U: Girmi, dat i fet. Je nu filg e ik. G: Utate, pad so iju. Oka wan jues. <one now it-is-and>) LEF