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interestin' gamelang?: Cuotl from 'Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends'

From:Hanuman Zhang <zhang@...>
Date:Monday, April 16, 2007, 7:31
I am wonderin' if this is more than a naming lang...


The Cuotl are an alien civilization, inspired by the ancient Mayan
civilization and the ancient astronaut theory from Chariots of the Gods?
Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. Their name could well be derived from the
Aztec god Quetzoquatl Possessing highly technological devices,
indistinguishable from magic, four Cuotl beings installed themselves as gods
over the indigenous tribes of the Aio rainforest: Ix, the Moon God, Xil, the
Sun God, Shok, Goddess of Storms, and Czin, God of Death. The units of the
Cuotl army have both Mesoamerican and alien influences to their design.

The Cuotl are very varied from the other two civilizations in the game.
Instead of collecting Wealth via caravans, the Cuotl harvest Energy, which
is used to create buildings and use heroes' powers. Similarly, rather than
purchasing neutral sites with Wealth as the other two civilizations do, the
Cuotl take them over by forceful subjugation, which costs Timonium.

The Cuotl national power, Star Bolt, summons a giant, controllable disk of
intense light, which reveals enemy territory and damages any visible units
in the process. By researching the Divine Power research track, the size,
power and duration of the Star Bolt increases.


Lately I have been ponderin' the idea of a parallel/futuristic Mayan-like
conlang called Xibalbatecatl...

 Hanuman Zhang

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