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Re: Kinya (& Miapimoquitch) (was: RE: [CONLANG] Silindion)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, March 29, 2002, 6:38
czHANg wrote:
> OBCONLANG/CULTURE: What are some words for "trash," "refuse," >"discard(s)," "ephemera," "bric-a-brac," etc. in your ConLangs? Do any of >your ConLangs/Cultures have a word for trash turned into something more? > Words and/or concept(s) of "recycling"? etc.
Kash: hukop 'to throw away, discard'; akukop 'garbage' (not sure whether this word would also be used in card games....) hukombiçi ~hungiçi 'to urinate' (hukop + miçi) hukopaful ~hukaful 'to have a bowel movement'; (~colloq, somewhat coarse pafut; nursery pafufi) çat 'ashes; sediment, lees' neyak 'excrement, exudation'; compd. neç- as in neçimak 'snot' (imak 'nose'); neçikun 'earwax' (çikun 'ear') ephemera, bric-a-brac: nice, have to work on these. Recycling is so ingrained that there is no precise term; one simply "umit cis" 'use it again'. A bottle or container may be "anje powumit" 'still usable' or not..... Smart people carry a bowl in their shoulder-bag, in case they want soup from a street vendor; otherwise they'd have to use one of the vendor's bowls, probably OK but aesthetically unpleasant.