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Re: b!t revolut!on : : part _ 0+4 f!lm

From:=cw4t7abs <antiorp@...>
Date:Friday, January 22, 1999, 1:08
>John Cowan <cowan@...> > >> antiorp uses a lovely, subtle technique > >About as subtle as a fart.
merc! pour la qualit=E9 de votre contribution quelle violence. l'expression du d=E9sir relation th=E9rapeutique ou parent/enfant. - - -
>f1f0 > >could you please send me the address' of the lists in question (max >and x) > >we support your cause
may email the "owner" of the max forum operated by mcgill university - Christopher Murtagh <chris@...> the max forum is currently locked. that is to say the `democratic` regime controls the data flow and proclaims `democratic` only that which does not oppose its rule. + as mentioned in prev transmission if tzo dezire - - - - comments to : chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA to subscribe to the max forum : email to : email body : Subscribe MAX <kuote> To: =46rom: (=3Dcw4t7abs) Subject: queens english Cc: X-Attachments:
>Trying to prevent antiorp from posting on this list is clearly a >violation of free speech.
comments on above + below in the queens english [which i may add the b!t revolut!on presentation was for the most part in the queens english as well hence curious select responses] not appealing to the free speech routine for it seems one act of violence against one's reasoning apparatus. [an act of violence does not constitute an appeal] likely appealing to one's reasoning apparatus for the rezults are veritable and hence enduring [phps until the next m9ndfukc event] [and one can withstand brute force. brute reason however is unbearable. to quote one very lovely personaj very amusing indeed it is that generally american citizens are the life forms opposing the =3Dcw4t7abs routine. however it is america which has perfected the brute reason routine] it has always been curious one person is capable of enduring the transmissions of countless life forms. countless life forms however appear to collapse under the transmissions of one life form.
>So antiorp's post are hard to decipher, sometimes off-topic, and >sometimes offensive.
it is not any life form's responsibility to conform to the preference file of one other life form. it is very much desirable life forms engage in one sexual reproduction of mind \ cultural data. [m9ndfukc] that is to say diversity and errors in duplication are indispensable in fact determine progress. [consider the implementation of algorithms to simulate errors in audio. that is to say select humans cannot be appreciative of errors until they have programmed them. locate this preoccupation a shortcut to intelligence apropos - ~2 years (?) prior to prezent james mccartney mentioned various data re: one system which conformed itself to listeners desires. as stated then - it is precisely this which consider an act of violence against progress related - cmj interview with luc ferrari vol 22 nr 3 it is true am stating one may oppose =3Dcw4t7abs freely + is in fact desirable - do not view digital murder as opposition - but rather as elimination it terminates tension hence the reproduction \ m9ndfukc operation] select life forms may not exactly desire progress but that they be first. this too is acceptable for it too constitutes one mode of operation which contrasts one other. silencing one life form however is objectionable. re: current max-list debacle - those in agreement of the current `democratic` regime are permitted to voice personal opinions. those opposing the current `democratic` regime however are urgently destroyed - that is to say digitally murdered. it is this injustice which reason finds detestable hence select sentiments occur. naturally one is unable to prevent one's sentiments hence opposition - hence likely - additional digital murders + etc etc. process output. exit with chris murtagh's [the max list "owner"] opinion re:free speech. am doing so to illustrate fact 0 + 0 has very much changed. vzzp. transmitted during the 1st `democratic` vote on the mcgill max forum ">Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 13:55:51 -0500
>From: Christopher Murtagh <chris@...> >Subject: Re: Politics, logical types and servers > >Hi Stephen, > >Just for your interest. I've had it with these twits, and I really don't >give a shit what they say about free speech. Before I go, I'm going to boot >everyone of these assholes who reposts anti-krapmatter. Getting my name put >up on www pages with insults and swastiks has really done it. > >Cheers, > >Chris > >From: "L-Soft list server at McGill University Computing Centre (1.8d)" ><LISTSERV@...> >> quiet del max implode@WELL.COM >implode@WELL.COM has been removed from the MAX list. No notification has >been sent. >"
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