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Re: test language - advice is welcome <kevinurbanczyk@...>
Date:Saturday, March 26, 2005, 4:52
Well, for my reptilian conlang Sslaass, I have 3 odd genders, Crocodilian, Reptilian
and Prey which are almost a noun class/pronoun mix. I didn't get to use these
in the relay but oh well.:)

So for yours, I would probably make them non-human

As far as your other noun classes, I would make more, and maybe pattern them
after Bantu. IIRC there are between 8 & 14 Noun classes depending on the
natlang found.

Most of them deal with everday groupings of things a H/G group would use/see in thier daily lives

your examples were cool..:)

This sketchlang is to insure that I understand the explanations as were


used by a hunter-gatherer people, may or may not be human.

Classes of Nouns:
(a)	Being  --  1st to be dropped
(b)	Prey  --  2nd to be dropped; only drop if a sentence has no Being
(c)	Landscape  --  3rd to be dropped; dropping mostly with weather and
tectonics, etc
(d)	Predator  --  *never* drop

I  |  tiger-sighted  |  lawn-location.  Fled-across  |  swift.
I saw a tiger on the lawn.  Ran fast away across.
I saw a tiger on the (same)* lawn with me.  I ran away across the lawn.
* = an assumption, since there is only one location mentioned.

Gnu  |  river-crossed  |  -location**.
The Gnu crossed the river.
** = the “river” does not repeat…but if it hadn’t prefixed “crossed”, then
it would prefix “location”.

Location – is always placed last; it denotes the setting.
Principal – {I, Gnu} always first; active/passive don’t matter, at least not
in terms of placement.
Sensed – hear, felt, seen, etc.
(action)(?) – crossed, etc.
Reaction – fled, etc.

1)	P
2)	S
3)	A/R
4)	?
5)	L