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Re: Just a question...

From:Tristan <kesuari@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 11, 2002, 20:12
Jake X wrote:

>>Don't worry: you're in good company there. A lot of things about English >>orthography on the Internet (you know, those things pushing for spelling >>reforms and the like) insist on calling things like <th> and <ea> >>diphthongs. >> >> >I KNOW!!! and it SCARES me! (pardon me for yelling) >
IMHO, what we need to do is stop everyone from writing and have an elite set of scribes. There was a really dodgy science fiction book I read once where they did that, but I can't remember what happened.
>>TRistan >> >> >Jake > >P.S. Is the capital R in TRistan to show that you pronounce your name >rhoticly /'tRIst@n/, or is it just a typo? >
Nah, just a typo. I generally pronounce my full name /"tSrIst@n %&lIg"z&:nd@ m@kl&i/, where the /r/ is just your regular English R of the sort that causes affrication of previous /t/s and /d/s. (Not, of course, that I generally use my middle name; I'm including it purely for trivia, and because it's the one with the more possibilities of pronunciation (e.g. /%&lIg"za:nd@/). Tristan Alexander McLeay.