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OT: Marmite! (wasRe: [Conlangs-Conf] Witty slogan)

From:Hanuman Zhang <zhang@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 15, 2006, 0:51
>> Vegemite is a yeast extract spread, originating in Australia. Said by its >> devotees to taste much better than Marmite, but since the range of "Tastes >> much better than Marmite" still encompasses "Absolutely vile", I've no >> intention of trying it.
Hey now, I like Marmite. Vegemite is not as tasty as Marmite IMHO (Then again I also like beef tendon, seaslugs and durian [well not together, mind you1]) -- Hanuman Zhang "It's human to make mistakes and some of us are more human than others." - Ashleigh Brilliant


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