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[SHOEBOX] cyclical pattern and ...

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Sunday, July 23, 2000, 5:57
> From: Josh <jkartes@...> > Subject: [SHOEBOX] "Morphophonemic form gives cyclical pattern..." > > Hi all. Josh here. > > Okay. I was able to set up interlinearization that recognizes > conjugated word forms and it is working quite nicely. In fact, I'm pretty > excited--this is the most organized Kartesian has been since its creation. > But now I am presented with a problem AGAIN. Upon interlinearizing, > many times a message pops up that says, "Morphophonemic form gives > cyclical pattern..." And that is EXACTLY what it does. It parses a word > giving it an endless cycle of alternating INCORRECT morphemes... why is > it doing this? Has anyone else received this annoying message? Let me > know. Also, I was wondering if it was possible to restrict certain > underlying morphophonemic changes to specific PARTS OF SPEECH. Because of > the common use of various affixes for more than one reason (the affix -ee > has about five DIFFERENT uses which always clog up the Ambiguity menu), > things tend to get messy. Also, is it possible that this is the reason > I'm getting that nasty message I spoke of earlier? I hope so, and I hope > that there is a way to restrict underlying forms.
Yup, I got that message also. I think it happens when what's being parsed makes an self-referencing endless loop. I was getting it when I defined a suffix -i as having an alternate form -a with an underlying form a+i... er, or something similar to that. (I figured it wasn't the best way to represent it after all anyway.) Anyway, I'm having enough trouble trying to get Shoebox to recognize my morphemes.. it ought to work though, and looking closely it shouldn't be so tough, so I'll try again.