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New Re: Translation: Trolls and their Management

From:David Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Monday, January 19, 2004, 9:57
Now   I see why there've been mass responses to this e-mail!   That's what I
get for going away for the weekend for my birthday...

Below I'm going to translate it into as many languages as I can featured on
my site, which is:

(1) Kele:

Sa oki wa li tay si omikutanakasa.   /one neg.-pred. fut. give food LOC.

The word for "troll" is "rough bodied-one".   In Kele, the imperative is done
as an impersonal "one does x", and you put it in the future tense when it's
an especially urgent warning.

(2) Kamakawi:

 Oku havale ia ie inawanu kavi.   /neg. eat-CAUS. pred.-def.
smelly-one big/

For "troll", I did "big, smelly one".   I don't think I have good concept of
what a troll is.   Please forgive.   Okay, the rest are going to be in SAMPA.

(3) Zhyler:

balakfenkar ususruz   /gorrilla-man-acc. eat-CAUS.-neg./

I think "gorilla man" would be the appropriate term for "troll" in Zhyler.
It just sounds right to me.

(4) Sathir:

kerunar k_hododo untSeZin   /CAUS.-eat-IMP.-neg. Abs.-Def.-bear

The dreaded Fire Bear is a pretty terrible thing in the long and great
history of Sathir lore, so that'll do for "troll".

(5) Njaama:

ngongomO\ontu o li mbombo en nomba.   /Imp.-Caus.-eat neg. D.O. guy from

I've left the tones out, and every nasal up there except for one should
either be prensalization, or nasalization on the vowel (or a nasal coarticulation
for the bilabial click).   The word I used for "troll" here is "mountain man".
 I think it's good.

(6) Epiq:

p\opw@ni lipuJaXanoli.   /aug.-polar bear-nom.   p

In Epiq, imperatives can be done in many ways.   One of the strongest ways to
make a command is to say that in the future the action which you command will
have been accomplished, and, futhermore, that you have witnessed it
firsthand.   So this is a super command.   And while trolls don't exist in the far
north, big polar bears do.   So this comes out to read "I have seen that the Great
Polar Bear will not have been fed."

And those are all the languages on my website, save my pictograph language, X
(patent pending).   ;)