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OT: Rokbeigalm & henotheism (wasRe: God's loaded dice (was Re: semi-OT: Re: "defense of wilderness" (wasRe: lexicon))

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Thursday, June 12, 2003, 4:17
In a message dated 2003:06:10 09:34:52 PM, Steg in Israel
(draqonfayir@JUNO.COM) writes:

>On Mon, 9 Jun 2003 22:54:10 EDT J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...> writes: > >> henotheism - belief & adoption of a particular god, while allowing >> that other gods exist - usually within a polytheistic belief system (i.e.
>> major popular forms of Hinduism) > > >My Biblical History professor preferred to use the term "monolatry" >instead of "henotheism", since "-latry" indicates 'worship of' (as in >'idolatry') and "-theism" usually 'belief in', so it's less ambiguous >this way. Monolatrous belief systems hold by the idea of many >divinities, but they only have one worshipable one.
Intriguing point, but unfortunately this term is the one used by those who study religions comparatively. It prob'ly came about cuz of the German academic influence on sociology (with the heavy Greek terminology) and the established vocabulary of many modern theologians.
>ObConlang/culture: Hmm... the Rokbeigalm seem to be pretty monolatrous... >although i don't know for sure; is it still monolatry if you don't >believe that the things you *aren't* worshipping are also divine? Like, >the Rokbeigalm believe in Kabakh-a, their Creator God, who is the only >deity they have and pray to. But aside form Kabakh-a, they believe that >the world is full of |ailzhm| "powers", which can be anything from >'sock-stealing gremlins'
>to the sun, to the force of gravity, to powerful >supernatural beings that could be considered 'gods' by other people. So >a Rokbeigalmkidh would see nothing wrong with believing in the existence >of Athena, or Marduk, or Quetzocoatl or whoever in addition to Kabakh-a, >but would refuse to identify them as an |eilos|, 'deity'.
More like demi-gods then? Or lesser supernatural beings? Or perhaps in modern Rokbeigalmkidh minds, Jungian-Spirituality-like _archetypes_, avatars, aspects of Kabakh-a's multiple personality?
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