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ANNOUNCE: New Lord of Instrumentality

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 11, 2005, 11:48

Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...> writes:
>... > Btw, is it you who is the Lord of Instrumentality now? Don't forget to use > your Strange Powers! >...
Indeed, John has passed the sceptre to me yesterday. I wanted to wait for his formal blessing before saying anything, but now that you ask, it seems to be a good opportunity for some short words. I will definitely use my newly acquired Strange Powers if necessary! :-) My primary goals will be a good atmosphere and the integrity of the list, and since much of the latest complaints were about flamewars, I will probably be a bit sensitive and nervous about these and force them offlist if necessary. They are indeed totally unnecessary here. Further, off-topic messages should be properly marked as such. It is important to know how, here's a short introduction again: there are four special topics: CHAT, OT, THEORY, USAGE The most important one to be consistent about seems to be OT due to the heavy traffic. For the list server to classify the message correctly, put the appropriate category at the beginning of the subject line *followed by a colon* (and not otherwise decorated). Then the message can be filtered by others, after configuring their account (e.g. via the web interface) accordingly. You can and should change the topic marker in replies, too. Please try to keep the off-topic stuff at a standable limit. Further, we have an important 'no cross, no crown' rule an this list, i.e., no comments on religion or politics. They *will* make people angry, so flamewars are inevitable with such topics, so strictly keep them off-list. I will try my best to make this list enjoyable. That's it for now. Thanks for your attention and enjoy conlang(ing)! **Henrik