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Country names in Moten (Re: Country names in Conlangs)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 23, 1998, 5:07
At 00:49 23/09/98 -0500, you wrote:

>Question, has other conlang (no auxlang) got a listing of country names like >hat? > >- Carlos > >
Moten is a special conlang, its only known speaker lost his memory, so we don't know for instance about many words like the name of countries. Moreover, when you know the name of Moten in Moten (motenku|lu, with ku|lu: language), you can think that Moten is in fact the name of a country. From this, I reinvented the names of the countries, taking as an origin the name of the country in the native language itself. Then we have the name of the people with fokez: person, the name of the language with ku|lu: language, and the adjective is the genitive form of the name of the country. The names are modified respective to the phonology of Moten, and if a language has no nation or state, its name follows the pattern with another name as the name of the country. For instance (the list is not complete and growing): Country person language adjective Flans: France flansfokez flansku|lu Fluvansi* Doj|slan: Germany doj|slanfokez doj|slanku|lu Doj|sluva|n* Espa|na: Spain espa|nafokez espa|naku|lu Espa|nuvaj* Ita|la: Italy ita|lafokez ita|laku|lu Ita|luvaj* Inglend: England inglendfokez inglendku|lu Ingluvendi* Ej: Irlande (Eire) ejfokez ejku|lu Vej* Amelika: America Ameligvaj* Ameligvaj* Status Sugzem (ASS): United States of America Sugem Plisunla: United Kingdom Lominija: Romania lominijafokez lominijaku|lu Lominijvaj* Djonguo: China djonguofokez djonguoku|lu Djonguvoj* Losija: Russia losijafokez losijaku|lu Losijvaj* Nijon: Japan nijonfokez nijonku|lu Nijvo|n* Elas: Greece elasfokez elasku|lu Elvasi* Madjalolsag: Hungary madjalolsajfokez madjalolsagku|lu Madjalolzvagi* Polski: Polland polskifokez polskiku|lu Polskuvi (irregular)* Nepal: Nepal nepalfokez nepalku|lu Nebva|l* * the genitive is formed with the infix -v- (before the last vowel) and the suffix -i, with some phonetical changes. If you know the name of a country that isn't presented here (with its prononciation), please tell me about it. Thank you by advance. For more info on Moten, you can go to my homepage at: Christophe Grandsire |Sela Jemufan Atlinan C.G. homepage: