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Re: Sheli Names

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Sunday, December 4, 2005, 18:52
David Peterson wrote:
> My purpose in writing is twofold. First, I wanted to announce > a new names page for Sheli (I find names fun): > > >
Verry inneresting, and witty as usual :-)), plus, you made me realize how impoverished is the Kash (and Gwr) naming vocab. (Readers of my exs. in the Syntax will have become thoroughly bored with Shenji, Erek and Mina, and the overworked Mr. Toloti....) On to the drawing board! Gwr names are probably not unlike Sheli names, Clan+Family+personal, the latter usually a 2 syllable compound, like "bright morning", ho hum. FWIW, my old Indonesian teacher and his wife named their children Frida (Frieda?) because she was born on Friday...and Doni [dOni] because he was born at dawn-- not, I think, common Indo. practice.
> Second, I wanted to see if I could get some JavaScript advice.
Not from me, alas.
> On this names page I want to have one of two things: ...or > a field where you can enter your name and get the Sheli equivalent.
On what basis? just phonological? or acc'g to the ancient meaning of the name-- "voice of G*d", "famous with the spear", hmm, "Monkey God" (Hi Hanuman!!) etc.?? ================================= Something Completely Different Dept: This week's (Dec.5) _New Yorker_ has a very interesting article on Matthew Carter, typographer par excellence. (He created Verdana, among others.)


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