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CHAT: Congregationalism & Religious Terms In Dublex (was Turtledove (was: RE: Nov 11th))

From:Jeffrey Henning <jeffrey@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 23, 1999, 5:10
Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...> comunu:

> Congregationalism is a very decentralized denomination. > Congregationalists have few shared qualities to distinguish them from > other denominations. Essentially, each congregation is free to decide > their own policy. At least, I think that's how it is.
Andrew wrote:
> I didn;t understand the joke; I guess the joke is that > Congregationalism is all things to all people, but I know nothing > about Congregationalism, unless that's what the loonies in _Old > Mortality_ (now ***THAT's*** a brilliant book) are.
Wow, am I the only Congregationalist on this list?! I grew up in this demonination in Ohio, and my father for a few years was a Congregational minister. He moved us to Arizona to start the first NACCC church in that state. Later my family moved to Massachusetts, where I was delighted to discover one or even two Congregationalist Churchs in most towns -- unlike Arizona, people knew what I was when I said I was a Congregationalist. Congregationalism can be traced back to 1620 in America with the Mayflower Compact, and before that can be traced to the Anabaptists; Congregationalism is the modern descendant of the Pilgrims (who were separatist Congregationalists), so Thanksgiving is a very special holiday to me, being special because of my religion and because I used to live in Plymouth (about 15 miles south of where I now live) [American Thanksgiving is this Thursday]. Those interested in the history of Congregationalism should check out Encyclopedia Britannica (now free!):,5716,26270+1,00.html Or Marion L Starkey's book _The Congregational Way_: 943330254/sr=1-1/ref=z_ob_qs/002-2100049-9761069 If you're not that interested, skip ahead to a list of Dublex words for different religions and denominations. In the United States, Congregationalism has divided a number of times, and the Unitarian Universalists are an offshoot of it. I briefly attended a UU church in college in Arizona after my folks had moved to Mass.; where Congregational churchs self-organize around the Bible, UU churches look to all religious teachings for inspiration. The two main branches are the NACCC (National Association of Congregational Christian Churches), which is much more conservative than the UCC (United Church of Christ), which is one of the most liberal churches in America (it was the first church to institute a rite for divorce, this being a ceremony where a marriage is solemnly dissolved). I was brought up in the UCC, then our church in Ohio switched to the NACCC. Each Congregational Church is a miniature democracy in action. The church in Norwell is in the UCC, so I'm "Back in the UCC", and provides a good example of Congregationalism. For the last two or three years, our congregation has been exploring what the Bible has to say about gays and lesbians, with special Bible studies, seminars and sermons. Recently, our church voted to accept gays and lesbians as parishioners and as ministers. This angered about a third of the church members, who are now seriously considering abandoning our congregation. While democracy on the scale of a country works well (I'm not going to leave the country even if I disagree with most of the politicians), democracy on the scale of a congregation does not work as well, since congregations can split over issues; it is very easy to leave a church community. For instance, I've seen splits occur because church members did not like the pastor that was selected (congregations select their own pastor; my father was a layman who became an excellent interim pastor in Ohio to fill our church's vacancy until a full-time pastor could be found). The Congregational Church is the antithesis of the Catholic Church. Just about anything related to hierarchy in the Catholic Church is exactly opposite in the Congregational Church. This was brought home to me two years ago when I tried and failed to become Catholic (my wife of nine years is Catholic). So there you have it, more than you ever wanted to know about Congregationalism! To bring this back to conlanging, here are some possible words in Dublex for churches and denominations (remember that 'h' is pronounced /sh/): devbin [god+building] church, synagogue, temple -- a building for worship devbinpub [church(god+building)+people-group] congregation -- the members of a specific religious group who regulary worship in a particular church devcapt [god+leader] rabbi, priest, presbyter, curate, minister, parson, pastor, rector -- a person authorized to conduct religious worship terdevvandev [three+god+one+god] Trinity, Holy Trinity, Blessed Trinity -- the union of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost in one Godhead devsist [god+system] religion, faith -- an institution created to express belief in a divine power carsdevsist [cross+religion(god-system)] Christianity, Christian religion -- the system of Christian beliefs and practices carsdevhuman [cross+god+human] Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ, Christ, Savior, Saviour, Good Shepherd, Redeemer -- a Jewish prophet of the first century (circa 8 BC - 29 AD) slain on a cross by the Romans; to Christians he was both God and man: the Messiah sent to save the human race from the sin it inherited through the Fall of Man devhuman [god+human] messiah, christ -- any expected deliverer vandevsist [one+god+system] monotheism -- belief in a single God hunperdevsist [choice+people+religion(god+system)] Judaism -- the monotheistic religion of the Jews; based on the Old Testament and the Talmud vavosidecdevsist [Koran+religion(god+system)] Islam, Islamism, Mohammedanism, Muhammadanism, Muslimism -- the monotheistic religion of Muslims based on the Koran vavosidec (vanvocsisti devcitab) [one+language(word+system)+god+book, from the belief that the Koran should not be translated] Koran, Quran -- sacred writings of Islam devcaptcitab [rabbi(god+leader)+book] Talmud -- sacred writings forming the basis of religious authority in Orthodox Judaism pendevcitab [five+god+book] Pentateuch, Torah, Laws -- the first five books of the Old Testament considered as a unit salfdevcitab [old+god+book] Old Testament -- the collection of books comprising the sacred Scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible sialfdevcitab [new+god+book] New Testament -- the collection of books of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Pauline and other Epistles, and Revelation; composed soon after Christ's death; the second half of the Christian Bible hardevcitab [four+god+book] Gospel, Gospels, evangel -- four books in the New Testament that tell the story of Christ's life and teachings vancarsdevsist [first+Christianity(cross+religion(god-system))] Catholicism, Catholicity -- the beliefs and practices of any of several churches claiming to have maintained historical continuity with the original Christian Church roccarsdevsist [Rock+Christianity(cross+religion(god-system)), from Roman Catholic belief that St. Peter was the first Pope (Peter's name meaning "Rock")] Romanism, Roman Catholicism -- (the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church based in Rome) duvcarsdevsist [second+Christianity] Protestantism -- the theological system of any of the churches of Western Christendom that separated from the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation devsent [god+emotion] religion, faith, religious belief -- a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny devsenti carsdevsist [faith+Christianity] Lutheranism -- teachings of Martin Luther emphasizing the cardinal doctrine of justification by faith alone pubcarsdevsist [people-group+Christianity] Congregationalism -- system of beliefs and church government of a Protestant denomination in which each member church is self-governing And there are so many other denominations and religions yet to name! 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