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Sorry! Re: Boreanesian Phonology

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 19:54
I wrote:

>Hi Dirk! > >Quite a while ago I tried sending you a word document containing a=20 >description of Boreanesian phonology. But I have this funny feeling=20 >that you never got it. Should I try sending it again? Mind you, as=20 >you might have expected, there are some changes since we last talked. > >I've been quite busy these last two months. Getting adjusted to=20 >university life and all (studying linguistics - of course ;-)).=20 >That's why I haven't been participating quite a lot at CONLANG,=20 >lately.
Sorry guys, this was meant to be sent to Dirk Elzinga privately! But=20 if anyone else is interested in recieving a copy of Boreanesian=20 phonology speak up! I can send it via snail mail if need be. (I'm=20 using SIL's IPA fonts). Though I need your guarantee that I'll get=20 constructive feedback - not just simple comments. -kristian- 8)